Lamar Smyly


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1.Budlight 2.Bread and Butter 3.Call Me When You’re Home 4.Can’t Make Somebody Love You

5.My Two Open Arms 6.Give Me Your Love 7.I Found Love 8.Little Patch of Woods

9.Lovin That Woman 10.Mule or a Horse and Wagon 11.See Them Again 12.So Much More

13.Sunshine 14.They Gave Us Love 15.What Can I Do 16.You Don’t Have To Love Me

This album is like an open book of my life in a way. Because all of the songs
are about things I’ve experienced one time or another in my life. The songs aren’t
in chronicle order but some of the songs are about experiences during my
Songs like Bread and Butter, Mule or a Horse and Wagon, and See Them Again
are about how it was when I was growing up. Budlight and Give Me Your Love,
even though are connected with my life, I wrote because I felt they were attractive

The other songs in the album I wrote are about feelings I experienced during my adult life.
I believe that true life songs are always the best because they’re real and no
matter what we experience in life there are others who have experienced the same

To me a good melody and a story are essential for a great song.
I hope all of you will enjoy my Budlight Album.
Lamar Smyly, Singer-Songwriter

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