Lamar Smyly

Lamar Smyly


Lamar Smyly hails from South Carolina. The opening title track of his record with the same name is an ode to his beloved horse, Budlight.

“I was just a kid when I learned how to accompany myself on the guitar,” Lamar says. “I started writing country songs in the mid seventies.”

He lives on the same farm where he was raised, which has been owned by his family since the late 1700s, shortly after the American Revolution.

His main musical influences are Hank Williams, Johnny Horton, Gene Watson, Jon Conley, Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, and Tom T. Hall, along with many other country music greats, and general pop music.

Those country fans familiar with these artists will understand the style of music that he plays. These are country stars with roots in the most original and legitimate style of the genre.

Some call it American folk music, and Lamar would be happy with that description of his style of country music.

“My songs are about real life,” he explains, “not just a song with a hookline. Most of my songs are about my experiences in life, or someone else’s that I know or have known. Like old Hank Williams, my songs have deep feelings in them. I’ve written a few that are comical but most are about things that folks have experienced or will experience sometime in their life.”

As anyone who has heard “Budlight” can tell you, Lamar is completely aware of what qualities he has infused his musical style with.

The beauty of his songs is that they are totally sincere, a frank and unadorned recording of a man opening his soul with the help of a guitar. He asks his friends and fans around the world to listen with the following lines:

“I’d like for all persons who love true country music to be able to hear and enjoy mine. The message in my music is true and real. Hope you’ll enjoy it.”

“Budlight” by Lamar Smyly is available online worldwide through iTunes, or on this site, along with his other albums. Go to the music page to buy, or to listen to the free tracks.

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